Why Reading Books Turned out to be a Passion

I am not that fond of reading books. I read stuff such as articles from various sources but not an entire book. I’m not even keen on shelling out money just to buy books. Books tends to collect dust after it has served its purpose.

Something “magical” (yes, I consider it magic 🙂 ) happened along the way which changed my perception on the importance of reading books. A former boss introduced me to a book written by a famous lay preacher. The book was entitled “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich”. And it was written by Bro. Bo Sanchez. That book started it all. That book opened my eyes on all the mistakes that I have done when it comes to financial matters. It made me realize that I was financially ignorant.

Several books in my possession

After that, I discovered Bro. Bo’s other books on how we can simplify the way we live; that happiness can really be found by living a simple life even if we can afford the comfort and convenience brought by the modern age. I have been living a simple life since then. I have bigger dreams of course. But I have taught myself to set aside those dreams if it would mean complicating my life. I became contented with what I have right now. A simple house, a simple car and most of all a happy and loving family. Simple things makes me happy, which I think is the most important.

That’s one of the influences I obtained from reading books, it keeps my feet planted on the ground.

Aside from books on finance, I now read books which gives me inspiration. Something that I really need to keep me pumped up. Especially during times when I feel that things aren’t going according to plan. It made me realize that even if things went the other way, there are better things somewhere. I just have to look for the open doors and knock on the doors of opportunities because I believe that every human being were created with equal opportunities. We only need to have the guts to grab it. And once we got it, we just need to nurture it.

See what reading books have done to me, it taught me how to think in a very positive way. I am currently teaching myself to be happy all the time. I believe that a happy person has a happy disposition. A happy disposition results to better decisions. Better decisions result to a bright future.

So come on friends, grab a book and be a happy and inspired person.

Have a nice day!!! 🙂