Being a Morning Person

A couple of years ago, I get excited as the weekend approaches. I used to get up very early on a Saturday morning to have my weekend run. Yes, I got hooked to running. I have two (2) 21Ks under my belt. Eventually I stopped running and looked for other ways of spending early Saturday mornings. I turned to biking. Just this morning, I had a great morning bike ride together with my wife.


I just love having a physical activity in the early morning. I just love the stillness of the morning. It recharges me right away. It helps me in removing all the negative thoughts which lingers in my mind. It refreshes the soul. Seeing the sun rising from the East is such a wonderful sight for me.

I find happiness in things like this. It helps in reducing stress brought about by the complexities of life.

I may not be able to do early morning physical activities on weekend morning all the time but I make sure that I wake up early despite going to bed late. I can always power up my computer and write a blog on whatever topic I want.

Slowly, I am now developing the habit of writing on a regular basis which will further improve my writing skills. And the stillness of the morning will play a major factor for me to become the writer that I would like to be.


My TOYCON 2016 Experience

Taking a break from the serious stuff, I would like to share my experience on the recent TOYCON 2016 event held last June 2016 at the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia.

TOYCONIt was actually not part of the plan during that time. The original plan is to go on a trip to Ilocos, but due to unavoidable circumstances, we were forced to cancel the trip. I received a Facebook newsfeed regarding this event and off we go, without second thoughts.  Besides, this will be a new experience for me since I was not able to visit exhibits like this before.  My wife and daughter joined me on this escapade. The kid in me just came out. 🙂

While waiting for the entrance tickets, we were greeted by a handful of NBA characters.  What an appetizer. 🙂

        20160610_132817             20160610_132856

When we entered the exhibit, that’s where the real fun begins.  Life size figurines and a wide array of toy collections from different toy exhibitors and collectors were in full display on various booths. Majority of what we saw are hard to find collections which cannot be bought or seen in regular toy shops inside a shopping mall.  Below are some of the eye popping scenes we saw inside the convention.

     20160610_133620      20160610_141328       20160610_144118

           20160610_144215       20160610_171807


The Beatles replica could have been my favorite since it is very hard to find.  I also find it expensive.  Hard to find items are usually quite pricey. 😉

But if there’s one item that I am very much eager to own is a Voltes V robot.  It is my childhood dream and I have saved for it long before I’ve heard about this toy convention. But of course, being the practical guy that I am, I’ve searched for the stall which offered the cheapest price.  I was able to find one.  And the good thing about is that they offered me the GX-31 Soul of Chogokin version instead of the 40th edition which was just recently released.


For these toys, the older the better.  It is just like wine.  The older the wine is, the better the taste is.  So I think, I’ve got myself a good deal.

So without batting an eyelash, I’ve paid for the item an happily walked around with my precious time.  My childhood dream was fulfilled at last.  I finally laid my hands on this elusive toy.  Here it is after being assembled:


I bought this one without any guilt because I know that I was able to save for it for quite some time. And I made sure that the funds used to purchase this item were funds saved after allocating portions to savings, investments and expenses.

There’s nothing wrong if we buy something that we really want as long as we save for it. We just have to make sure that we prioritize our needs first before we focus on the wants. 🙂

My Mutual Fund Investing Experience…so far

I started out my mutual fund investing sometime 2008.  And I admit I started out on the wrong foot. Why? Because I have no idea what mutual fund is all about.  As in zero knowledge. I’m not even keen of doing investment during that time (everything’s different now though.. :)).

It so happen that a former boss invited me to a seminar regarding investments. That’s the first time I’ve heard of mutual fund. I was expecting something about stocks and I was introduced to this. You can imagine how confused I am during that time.  Talking about financial ignorance :(. So I shelled out P5000.00, opened an account from the top mutual fund company, and bought shares at P10.7/share and I am now in the world of investments.

I’ve made foolish mistakes after that transaction and would rather forget everything about it :). There were lessons learned after that.

Fast forward, I am now again an active mutual fund investor. I decided to invest in Philequity as a personal choice, based on its track record. Initially, there was a little inconvenience when it comes to mutual fund transactions, everything is done manually. Filling out forms, going to the bank to deposit funds, scanning the deposit slip and investment form, etc. For a guy who has a regular day job, I don’t enjoy such activities.

Fortunately, one of the top online stockbrokers in the Philippines, COL Financial Inc., introduced the COL Fund Source.



A COL Fund Source is like a fund supermarket where investors can simply select every financial instruments which suits their investment appetite.  And the best thing about this is, everything is done online.  Just what I’m wishing for. 🙂 With just a simple click everyone can now have a mutual fund account.  But you have to open an online account at COL to enjoy these benefits. 🙂

One of the good thing about mutual fund investing is that in a volatile market, you are somehow protected from big losses because of diversification.  A mutual fund is the best way to do diversification on a minimal cost since the fund manager allocates the funds to different industry sector.  And your investment can buy shares up to the last centavo as compared to individual stocks which has a board lot. I’ll have a separate sharing regarding my personal direct stocks investment on future posts. 🙂

So there, as of this time, despite of the recent consolidation or correction, my fund is still doing good. It’s still in the green. Reason is I was able to purchase shares when it was still cheaper last April of May 2016. My personal strategy is to buy additional shares during market dips.

Hope you can get something positive out of this sharing.  If you have clarifications, please feel free to comment.

Thanks a lot for viewing and have a nice day. 🙂 🙂 🙂


I have lots of plans.  I plan of having another house.  I plan of having a new car since I already paid up my first car loan after five (5) painstaking years.  But if I have to ask myself, do I need it?  Will it make me happy?  How can I afford it?  Honestly speaking, if I am pursue those things, it will be in the form of a loan.  Seems not a good idea. It is not necessarily a need.  I might feel satisfied but it won’t make me totally happy.  And getting it through a loan will definitely give me sleepless nights.  Something is holding me back to let go of these plans. What is it?

simplifySometime 2012, I stumbled upon this book written by Bro. Bo Sanchez.  It was published around 2001.  I only got hold of this wonderful book 12 years after it was published.  I regret not being able to get hold of it much earlier.  I could have experienced a turnaround much earlier.  I shouldn’t have done regretful decisions.  I shouldn’t have purchased depreciating items with the use of a loan or credit cards.  I could have invested much earlier on valuable financial instruments.  I could have been much happier now.  I could have been living the good life much earlier.

The turnaround might have come at a later time.  But it is not yet too late.  Long before I conceptualized this blog, I took it upon myself that I will make my life as simple.  Life is already complicated, so why complicate it more by unnecessary things.  I could have opted for a flashier car, but I opted for a simpler one.  A flashier car requires a higher amortization.  More money coming out of my pocket.  As much as possible, I stay away from signature items.  I want simpler ones.  I learned to be happy on simple things which is the way it should be.  I now opted to live in a simple home rather get a new one from an exclusive village which can eat up to my budget which I can use for investment and create wealth. Nothing beats the feeling of staying at home and spending quality time with my family rather than spending it somewhere else.  Though we still go out, we make sure that it won’t be too often.  Besides, we already have what we need at home.  All the basic needs.  All the basic reasons which makes me happy and want to live the good life even more.  And that is LOVE.

Have a nice day friends. 🙂

My Love for Music

Our everyday life is full of challenges.  We love challenges because it pushes us to the limit for us to be able to fulfill our dreams.  However, in between, we sometimes experience stress which tends to slow us down a bit.  There are times that during those breaks, we turn to music to somehow help us to put things in proper perspective once again. I can attest to that, being a music lover myself.  But to some, music is a way of life.

Music is a form of art which ordinarily consists of a melody being mixed together with words, usually known as lyrics.  Music can also be created just with plain melody.  Not all of us can write music but we all have the ability to appreciate such form of art.

Music can be subdivided into different genres.  There’s alternative, blues, classical, country, dance, easy listening, electronic, pop, and rock n’ roll.  It can be listened through different ways such as on the radio, MP3 player, CD players and smartphones.  Music is still very much available through musical scores on television shows and on the movies.  Music also is an essential part of popular musical plays such as Miss Saigon and Les Miserables where dialogues are mostly delivered through music.

Preferences in music vary in between age group.  The younger generation appreciates music made by artists who belong to their age group but there were younger people who appreciate music from the not so distant past.  Mature people wonder why the younger people appreciate the kind of music being played nowadays.  In a similar way, teenagers also don’t completely comprehend why we enjoy music which is already outdated.

People born a couple of decades ago can appreciate music from the current era.  There is still a lot of great music nowadays.  It still depends on what makes us comfortable.

Younger and older people, despite having different preferences in music, both experience the same benefits of well-being once we hear our favorite tunes regardless of what musical form it may be.  Music supports well-being in different ways.  As mentioned in the earlier part of the article, it can be used as a stress reliever or as a way of social bonding.

We jam occasionally with musically inclined people and we can say that it’s worth the experience especially if we will be given a chance to perform in front of an audience.  One of our childhood dreams is to perform with a band and was actually realized last year on a Battle of the Band contest.  Though we failed to bring home the bacon, at least we were able to show to the people what we are capable of doing.  The experience of playing in front of a large crowd had a positive effect on our self-confidence.  There are some people who used to have stage freight.  Speaking in front on an audience makes them nervous.  See, aside from being a stress reliever, music can also be used to improve our self-esteem.  Through that performance, it made us believe that we can conquer our inner goliaths.  We can conquer our fear.

Listening to music is sometimes by choice.  It can be used only when we have problems or if there’s something bothering us.  But to some, music is already a part of everyday life.  There are several reasons why we need to listen to music very often. One of them is that music is good for the heart.  There are studies which proved that patients in a hospital which listened to music had improved heart rates and reduced blood pressure compared to some who did not listed to music at all.  Music can also bring out the composer in us.  We might not know it, but we might have a talent in writing music.  We just have to try.  I used to write poetry but haven’t tried to write songs despite having the capability of playing the guitar. Music is also a great motivating factor.  I used to be a runner, and most of the time, I bring with me an MP3 player.  My favorite song is Eye of the Tiger and every time I hear that song, my speed increased twice than my usual speed.  I tried to run without music and I almost went back home after 1 kilometer.  I find it boring to run without music.  People in the gym normally became motivated to work it out because of the music being played.  Elders normally become depressed because they can no longer do the things that they used to do.  Music somehow makes them feel better than those times when there no music at all.  Music can help us make new friends especially if we have a hard time making new acquaintances.  Listening to music can definitely help.  I am a Beatles fanatic and I can immediately strike out a conversation with a stranger who shares the same passion as me.  Mothers normally sang tunes during latter part of their pregnancy as music tends to relax the babies inside the mother’s womb.  Aside from these reasons, I think that making music to be part of our life can bring us some form of success like inspiring the people around us since music tends to make things light.  So in a way, it has a positive on other people.

I think that I just outlined several reasons on the importance of music in our everyday lives.  Music is everywhere.  Music is a blessing.  I am thankful that music has been given to us.

A Truly Rich Club Member Anew

Finally, after weeks of coming up with a decision, I decided to rejoin the Truly Rich Club. Yup, you read it right.  I rejoined the club.  I actually joined the club a couple of years ago. I joined twice and I quit twice.  Guess I’m not that ready to be a responsible club member during those times.  But now, there’s no turning back.  I got to do it right this time.  I don’t want to be missing out on the great opportunities of being a member of this club.

TRCFor those who are asking what the Truly Rich Club is, as taken from its official website, it is a private group of individuals who are serious in changing their beliefs and thinking to gain the abundance mentality they need to change their lives forever.  This would not be possible without the guidance of its well loved founder, Bro. Bo Sanchez

My former boss actually introduced me to this man.  From then on, I became interested with his works.  I bought some of his books especially those which promotes financial literacy and inspirational works.

Now going back to the club, there are a lot of changes.  There are still the all time favorites Stocks Update and Wealth Strategies but on how the website looks.  It became more informative.  The Strategic Averaging Method (SAM) table is being updated real time.  I became inspired once again to make my investments work double time this time around. No more dilly dallying.  I’m not getting any younger. 🙂

There are additional blessings for the members.  One of those is the 100K Term Life Insurance.  Members can avail of this benefit if they are already a member of the club for one (1) or have fully paid the one (1) year membership.  For those who can afford, I recommend paying for the one (1) year membership in full since you will be saving 20% of the full year membership if you really want to avail of the term life insurance.  For those who are interested, you may join here.

There is a membership fee.  But come to think of it, Bro. Bo supports a lot of ministries.  I just think of it as a form of tithing.  Its a great feeling if we can give with all our heart.

Well I think that’s it for now regarding my Truly Rich Club membership.  I am looking forward making the most out of this experience.

And as Bro. Bo used to say, “May Your Dreams Come True”. 🙂