I have lots of plans.  I plan of having another house.  I plan of having a new car since I already paid up my first car loan after five (5) painstaking years.  But if I have to ask myself, do I need it?  Will it make me happy?  How can I afford it?  Honestly speaking, if I am pursue those things, it will be in the form of a loan.  Seems not a good idea. It is not necessarily a need.  I might feel satisfied but it won’t make me totally happy.  And getting it through a loan will definitely give me sleepless nights.  Something is holding me back to let go of these plans. What is it?

simplifySometime 2012, I stumbled upon this book written by Bro. Bo Sanchez.  It was published around 2001.  I only got hold of this wonderful book 12 years after it was published.  I regret not being able to get hold of it much earlier.  I could have experienced a turnaround much earlier.  I shouldn’t have done regretful decisions.  I shouldn’t have purchased depreciating items with the use of a loan or credit cards.  I could have invested much earlier on valuable financial instruments.  I could have been much happier now.  I could have been living the good life much earlier.

The turnaround might have come at a later time.  But it is not yet too late.  Long before I conceptualized this blog, I took it upon myself that I will make my life as simple.  Life is already complicated, so why complicate it more by unnecessary things.  I could have opted for a flashier car, but I opted for a simpler one.  A flashier car requires a higher amortization.  More money coming out of my pocket.  As much as possible, I stay away from signature items.  I want simpler ones.  I learned to be happy on simple things which is the way it should be.  I now opted to live in a simple home rather get a new one from an exclusive village which can eat up to my budget which I can use for investment and create wealth. Nothing beats the feeling of staying at home and spending quality time with my family rather than spending it somewhere else.  Though we still go out, we make sure that it won’t be too often.  Besides, we already have what we need at home.  All the basic needs.  All the basic reasons which makes me happy and want to live the good life even more.  And that is LOVE.

Have a nice day friends. 🙂