Keep Chasing That Dream

“There are times that the more we chase after our dreams, the harder the journey might be. But keep moving forward, we might be a step away from that pot of gold.”


A Perfect Partner

Another old poem I wrote for my wife:

It’s been several years now,

Since we’ve made that sacred vow,

Which binded us together,

Binded as one forever.


But now, here’s the real question,

Have I made the right decision?

The answer is, yes indeed,

You’re the one who I truly need.


I’ve found a Perfect Partner,

Who turns things from worse to better.

We may have misunderstandings,

But from my own shortcomings.


I’ve found no fault at you at all,

You’re always there standing tall,

Facing great responsibility,

Complimented with humility.


With you always by my side,

Life would always be a great ride,

Being with a Perfect Partner,

Whom I’ll always love forever.

A Treasure

I just happened to get hold of an old poem I wrote for my daughter.  Here it is:

Time flies so fast,

Ahead lies a horizon so vast,

A bright future is ahead of you,

And I’ll be there to guide you.


It seems only yesterday,

When I saw you on that special day,

I just can’t hide the excitement,

You’ve brought on that joyous moment.


 So take your time my little angel,

Cherish the moments with stories to tell,

Stories of love, joy, and pleasure,

‘Cause for everyone, you are a treasure.


 Mistakes surely would be rampant,

So words of wisdom will be abundant,

Words to enlighten you,

As you face the world ahead of you.


 Now, this I promise you,

That I’ll be here for you,

Guiding and loving you so true,

‘Till you make your dreams come true.