My TOYCON 2016 Experience

Taking a break from the serious stuff, I would like to share my experience on the recent TOYCON 2016 event held last June 2016 at the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia.

TOYCONIt was actually not part of the plan during that time. The original plan is to go on a trip to Ilocos, but due to unavoidable circumstances, we were forced to cancel the trip. I received a Facebook newsfeed regarding this event and off we go, without second thoughts.  Besides, this will be a new experience for me since I was not able to visit exhibits like this before.  My wife and daughter joined me on this escapade. The kid in me just came out. 🙂

While waiting for the entrance tickets, we were greeted by a handful of NBA characters.  What an appetizer. 🙂

        20160610_132817             20160610_132856

When we entered the exhibit, that’s where the real fun begins.  Life size figurines and a wide array of toy collections from different toy exhibitors and collectors were in full display on various booths. Majority of what we saw are hard to find collections which cannot be bought or seen in regular toy shops inside a shopping mall.  Below are some of the eye popping scenes we saw inside the convention.

     20160610_133620      20160610_141328       20160610_144118

           20160610_144215       20160610_171807


The Beatles replica could have been my favorite since it is very hard to find.  I also find it expensive.  Hard to find items are usually quite pricey. 😉

But if there’s one item that I am very much eager to own is a Voltes V robot.  It is my childhood dream and I have saved for it long before I’ve heard about this toy convention. But of course, being the practical guy that I am, I’ve searched for the stall which offered the cheapest price.  I was able to find one.  And the good thing about is that they offered me the GX-31 Soul of Chogokin version instead of the 40th edition which was just recently released.


For these toys, the older the better.  It is just like wine.  The older the wine is, the better the taste is.  So I think, I’ve got myself a good deal.

So without batting an eyelash, I’ve paid for the item an happily walked around with my precious time.  My childhood dream was fulfilled at last.  I finally laid my hands on this elusive toy.  Here it is after being assembled:


I bought this one without any guilt because I know that I was able to save for it for quite some time. And I made sure that the funds used to purchase this item were funds saved after allocating portions to savings, investments and expenses.

There’s nothing wrong if we buy something that we really want as long as we save for it. We just have to make sure that we prioritize our needs first before we focus on the wants. 🙂