John Lennon – My Favorite Beatle in my Own Personal Perspective


It took me quite some to write a blog post on The Beatles because I fully know that there are already millions of write ups regarding this all-time favorite rock n’ roll band.  Well for me, I think it’s worth the wait as I already thought of an interesting blog regarding my favorite Beatle, John Lennon.

So why John Lennon? As we all know, John Lennon founded the original band known then as the Quarrymen.  When members needed to be changed, he is the one who decided to get Paul and later George through Paul.  Now, as to why I chose John over the others, let’s move fast forward.

When I first saw the Beatles’ live performance on a local channel here, I admit that the first Beatle to catch my attention was Paul McCartney.  I think it’s due to his high ranged voice when they performed “She Loves You”.  Paul’s voice is more prominent than John’s during those early performances.  I became an instant Beatlemaniac when the local channel featured The Beatles almost everyday.

As my interest to The Beatles reached to greater heights (whew!!!), I started seeing the differences between John and Paul.  When it comes to depth in writing lyrics and music, for me (whoops…Paul McCartney diehards don’t get offended, this is my own opinion.. 🙂 ), I think John has the edge.  Who could forget the lyrics of his classic compositions “In My Life”, “Nowhere Man” and “Imagine”, as a solo artist.

Aside from music, I can say that John has the charismatic edge.  Until now, John’s music remains fresh and would forever be classic.  A timeless contribution to the world of music.


The Importance of Emergency Funds

I recently posted one of the use of having an emergency fund. This post will somehow dig deeper why we really need to stash away a portion of our income to build up our emergency fund.

First of all; what is an Emergency Fund? It is an account used to set aside funds to be used specifically on things which are not a usual part of our regular expenses. The purpose of this account is also to serve as a safety net in the event of personal financial crisis. The ideal emergency fund must be equivalent to three to six  months of our monthly expenses.

Building up an emergency fund is also another way to prevent us from incurring loans or debts with high interest. It must be placed in an account which should be easily accessible, such as an ATM savings account.

From my previous post, I mentioned something about the prosperity formula.  From our income, we must first subtract a portion which is to be used for savings.

Income – Savings = Expenses

Ideally, it is recommended that we set aside 20% for our savings. 30% or 40%, much better. It depends on how much we can afford to save. That 20% can be subdivided into savings, investments and emergency fund. It doesn’t really matter how much we earn, its on how much we can keep. The discipline of saving something for the rainy season must be already ingrained in our minds. The sooner we start, the better.  Let’s not wait for tomorrow to start with this habit. We must not procrastinate.

If the emergency fund was used, we need to ensure that we replenish it the soonest possible time. This is a continuous cycle. We must do this not because it is a responsibility. We must do this because this is a habit. A habit is something that we love to do repeatedly.

Happy Saving!!! 🙂

The Stock Market is Still Going Down…. What to do Next?

For several weeks now, I saw the Philippine Stock Market on a downward spiral. Though there were a few trading days when I see the market make a rebound, I see it as an opportunity for bargain hunters to buy shares of great companies at a much cheaper price. After bargain hunting, shares plummet once again on the following days.

Others view the current downtrend in the Philippine Stock Market as political. However, based on the global news, it seems to boil down to global economy. The impending increase in the federal tax rates is being anticipated with bated breath.

To long term investors, crisis like this is a great opportunities to accumulate shares since the prices are cheap. This is the time to be greedy since a lot has been so fearful. Fearful because some entered the market when it is going up. For those who waited on the sideline when the market is up, I imagine that they are now like kids buying candies of different variants from candy store. There are lots of cheap companies left and right.

One piece of advise though my friends, always make sure that you buy shares of great companies only. You must invest your hard money on companies which will be around for the next 10, 20 years. Do not put in your hard earned money on penny stocks. Later on, you will become penniless.

Invest wisely. We invest because we think about the future. Live in the present but always plan for the future.

Have a nice day!!! 🙂


Last Saturday, our High School batch held our 25th Silver Anniversary Reunion. It seems like yesterday when we had our graduation march which signaled our entry into another phase of life. Our formative years molded us well enough to face the challenges of college life. We went our separate ways and its a great feeling seeing old faces once again after so many years.

Reconnecting with old friends reminds us that we should never forget to look back at our past. We don’t need to dwell on the past but its rewarding enough to reminisce good times with our childhood friends. We might have misunderstandings with some but all of it are part of growing up. Youth plays a major factor in times when we have misunderstandings with our peers.

The event became even more nostalgic with the presence of our beloved teachers who in one way or another, honed us to become the person we are now. Some became successful, some are average and some just ain’t fortunate enough to reach the pinnacle of success. The choices we make plays a major factor of success or failure in life.

I’m not that fond of attending gatherings like this but the chance of seeing old friends once again made me change my mind since opportunities like this is hard to come by. Yes, there is the social media where we see updates of what our friends are up to. But nothing can compare the feeling of seeing them all over again. Personally talking and laughing with them is something that social media cannot even replace.

For the others who decided not to attend the event, they have their reasons. But one thing’s for sure, they missed an event worth remembering.

The Stock Market is Going Down….Again

I just learned today that the Dow Jones fell by 394 points at closing last Sept 9, 2016. Most of the time, the DOW serves as a barometer on how the Asian markets will perform, specifically the Philippine market which is represented by the PSEi.

The PSEi already closed out on a losing note last Sept 9, 2016 by 85 points. And with the Dow losing out big time, I won’t be surprised that the PSEi will follow suit especially that majority are foreign investors. I wish that the time will come that Filipino investors would dominate the Philippine Stock Exchange.

I mentioned in my previous that I have rejoined the Truly Rich Club. One of the main objective of the club is to teach financial education to Filipinos. The club would like to emphasize that investing in the stock market is not only for the rich. Anyone can do it as long as we obtain proper financial education and guidance.

The club has a shortlist of recommended stocks that the members could buy on a regular basis. That is regardless if the market is up or down. It doesn’t really matter. The club members celebrate when the market is down since we can buy shares of great companies at cheaper prices. We are being taught to buy on a regular or monthly basis so we can ride the volatility of the market. We are also being trained to act as Investors and not as Traders.

The role of the club now is crucial as some investors, especially the newbies tends to get carried away by their emotions. We are being reminded of the famous mantra by Warren Buffett that “We must be  fearful when the others are greedy, and greedy when the others are fearful”. Long term investors buy when there are a lot of selling going on and are on standby when stocks are getting overbought.

I used to be carried away by emotions when it comes to investments, but now, with the proper guidance and education, I know for sure that I won’t be on the wrong side of the fence ever again and I won’t miss out on greater opportunities.