Welcome to my blog!!!

I’m a guy who really would want to try my hand into blogging. Ok, maybe I’m a frustrated blogger. But I would like to see if I can get something out of this stuff. I get inspired by stories of people who were able to achieve success because of blogging. I admire people who are experiencing personal success in blogging which made me decide to give this a try and write my own personal success story. 🙂

I just turned from being a spender to an investment advocate. I am not a registered financial planner but I already have studied and read various topics on financial instruments such as stocks, mutual funds, insurance, etc. Looking forward to real estate. 🙂

I love collecting books regarding personal finance and I am now applying the knowledge that I have gained from reading these material in handling my personal finance.

This blog will be a combination of various topics ranging from personal inspiration, sharing of personal financial experiences, a little bit of poetry, investments and so much more.

So there, hope everything will turn out fine regarding my “blogging career” and I hope to make the most out of this experience.


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