John Lennon – My Favorite Beatle in my Own Personal Perspective


It took me quite some to write a blog post on The Beatles because I fully know that there are already millions of write ups regarding this all-time favorite rock n’ roll band.  Well for me, I think it’s worth the wait as I already thought of an interesting blog regarding my favorite Beatle, John Lennon.

So why John Lennon? As we all know, John Lennon founded the original band known then as the Quarrymen.  When members needed to be changed, he is the one who decided to get Paul and later George through Paul.  Now, as to why I chose John over the others, let’s move fast forward.

When I first saw the Beatles’ live performance on a local channel here, I admit that the first Beatle to catch my attention was Paul McCartney.  I think it’s due to his high ranged voice when they performed “She Loves You”.  Paul’s voice is more prominent than John’s during those early performances.  I became an instant Beatlemaniac when the local channel featured The Beatles almost everyday.

As my interest to The Beatles reached to greater heights (whew!!!), I started seeing the differences between John and Paul.  When it comes to depth in writing lyrics and music, for me (whoops…Paul McCartney diehards don’t get offended, this is my own opinion.. 🙂 ), I think John has the edge.  Who could forget the lyrics of his classic compositions “In My Life”, “Nowhere Man” and “Imagine”, as a solo artist.

Aside from music, I can say that John has the charismatic edge.  Until now, John’s music remains fresh and would forever be classic.  A timeless contribution to the world of music.


Author: angeluy32

I'm a guy who really would want to try my hand into blogging. Ok, maybe I'm a frustrated blogger. But I would like to see if I can get something out of this stuff. I get inspired by stories of people who were able to achieve success (new careers, financial stability, financial freedom, etc.) because of blogging. I admire people who are experiencing personal success in blogging which made me decide to give this a try and write my own personal success story. :-)

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