A Treasure

I just happened to get hold of an old poem I wrote for my daughter.  Here it is:

Time flies so fast,

Ahead lies a horizon so vast,

A bright future is ahead of you,

And I’ll be there to guide you.


It seems only yesterday,

When I saw you on that special day,

I just can’t hide the excitement,

You’ve brought on that joyous moment.


 So take your time my little angel,

Cherish the moments with stories to tell,

Stories of love, joy, and pleasure,

‘Cause for everyone, you are a treasure.


 Mistakes surely would be rampant,

So words of wisdom will be abundant,

Words to enlighten you,

As you face the world ahead of you.


 Now, this I promise you,

That I’ll be here for you,

Guiding and loving you so true,

‘Till you make your dreams come true.


Author: angeluy32

I'm a guy who really would want to try my hand into blogging. Ok, maybe I'm a frustrated blogger. But I would like to see if I can get something out of this stuff. I get inspired by stories of people who were able to achieve success (new careers, financial stability, financial freedom, etc.) because of blogging. I admire people who are experiencing personal success in blogging which made me decide to give this a try and write my own personal success story. :-)

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