My Goals For The Future

I’m sure that most of us wants to be financially free.  Free from everything.  Free from debts.  We want to avoid where to look for money in cases of emergency.  We want money to be always available when we need it without resorting to loans or something which would turn into liabilities.

I mentioned in my previous post that somehow I made mistakes on how I handled my earnings.  My hard earned money.  I failed big time when it comes to financial planning.  Well, I can say I failed big time because up to now I don’t have a clear picture on how much will I have if I retire. But when it comes to dealing with personal obligations, I can say that I am successful.

With these reasons in mind, I am firm that my goal for my future is to be financially free.  We should have a firm grasp of our goal so we won’t be mislead to other directions.  There would be distractions along the way as we aim to achieve our goals.   So we need to be very firm on whatever we want to achieve for ourselves.  Think of our family, our children’s future.  Make them our inspirations as we make our journey towards financial freedom and financial security.

We only need our plans to be structured and well-defined.  And most of all, we should have the discipline to follow whatever plans we made.  Regardless how structured and defined our plans may be, without the proper discipline, still, we may not be able to achieve our goals.


Author: angeluy32

I'm a guy who really would want to try my hand into blogging. Ok, maybe I'm a frustrated blogger. But I would like to see if I can get something out of this stuff. I get inspired by stories of people who were able to achieve success (new careers, financial stability, financial freedom, etc.) because of blogging. I admire people who are experiencing personal success in blogging which made me decide to give this a try and write my own personal success story. :-)

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