How to Earn Additional Income through the Proper Use of the Internet

The internet has brought so much convenience to our everyday lives. Gone are the days when we need to wait for weeks before we receive mails from a loved one. Now, we have the electronic mail or the email. With a click of the mouse, we can send the message. Long distance phone calls are almost obsolete due to presence of media platforms where we can talk to people real time such as Skype.

Using the internet and our free time wisely, we can earn additional income through the internet by applying to online jobs. Work from home jobs are steadily increasing as the years go by. Clients are looking for individuals with extra-ordinary skills to help them set-up and promote businesses, help them out with activities where they have limited capability, etc.

Somehow, I am guilty enough to admit that I have been being left out when it comes to new trends. Sometimes I got surprised that there were things like these nowadays. With this, I made a personal vow that I will catch up with the trend. One of which, is creating a blog which somehow shares my personal experiences on how to improve my way of life so it can inspire others. I’ve had past mistakes, some of which still haunts me up to this day, that somehow affected the way I live life today. Though those mistakes made me a lot wiser as I journey on through life.

I wanted to explore and learn new things. One of my plan is to someday retire from the corporate world. Stay away from office politics. Avoid being confined in a building 8 hours a day.

I wanted to learn new skills which I can use as leverage to set-up an online career so I can work wherever and whenever I want. It may look odd as it seems but I recently enrolled in a Virtual Assistant Bootcamp where I learned Email Management, Schedule Management, WordPress Management and Social Media Management. I said its odd because I am engineering graduate and works in a technical environment.

If I am to set-up an online career, I need to invest on myself by learning new skills. Even if I have to pay for it. I am certain that paying for my own self development would reap dividends. Learning never gets easy with the onset of online courses. How convenient. With the proper use of the internet, we can achieve the income that we always wanted. Even at the comfort of our own home where time is our boss. No stress. No hassles.


John Lennon – My Favorite Beatle in my Own Personal Perspective


It took me quite some to write a blog post on The Beatles because I fully know that there are already millions of write ups regarding this all-time favorite rock n’ roll band.  Well for me, I think it’s worth the wait as I already thought of an interesting blog regarding my favorite Beatle, John Lennon.

So why John Lennon? As we all know, John Lennon founded the original band known then as the Quarrymen.  When members needed to be changed, he is the one who decided to get Paul and later George through Paul.  Now, as to why I chose John over the others, let’s move fast forward.

When I first saw the Beatles’ live performance on a local channel here, I admit that the first Beatle to catch my attention was Paul McCartney.  I think it’s due to his high ranged voice when they performed “She Loves You”.  Paul’s voice is more prominent than John’s during those early performances.  I became an instant Beatlemaniac when the local channel featured The Beatles almost everyday.

As my interest to The Beatles reached to greater heights (whew!!!), I started seeing the differences between John and Paul.  When it comes to depth in writing lyrics and music, for me (whoops…Paul McCartney diehards don’t get offended, this is my own opinion.. 🙂 ), I think John has the edge.  Who could forget the lyrics of his classic compositions “In My Life”, “Nowhere Man” and “Imagine”, as a solo artist.

Aside from music, I can say that John has the charismatic edge.  Until now, John’s music remains fresh and would forever be classic.  A timeless contribution to the world of music.

Why Reading Books Turned out to be a Passion

I am not that fond of reading books. I read stuff such as articles from various sources but not an entire book. I’m not even keen on shelling out money just to buy books. Books tends to collect dust after it has served its purpose.

Something “magical” (yes, I consider it magic 🙂 ) happened along the way which changed my perception on the importance of reading books. A former boss introduced me to a book written by a famous lay preacher. The book was entitled “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich”. And it was written by Bro. Bo Sanchez. That book started it all. That book opened my eyes on all the mistakes that I have done when it comes to financial matters. It made me realize that I was financially ignorant.

Several books in my possession

After that, I discovered Bro. Bo’s other books on how we can simplify the way we live; that happiness can really be found by living a simple life even if we can afford the comfort and convenience brought by the modern age. I have been living a simple life since then. I have bigger dreams of course. But I have taught myself to set aside those dreams if it would mean complicating my life. I became contented with what I have right now. A simple house, a simple car and most of all a happy and loving family. Simple things makes me happy, which I think is the most important.

That’s one of the influences I obtained from reading books, it keeps my feet planted on the ground.

Aside from books on finance, I now read books which gives me inspiration. Something that I really need to keep me pumped up. Especially during times when I feel that things aren’t going according to plan. It made me realize that even if things went the other way, there are better things somewhere. I just have to look for the open doors and knock on the doors of opportunities because I believe that every human being were created with equal opportunities. We only need to have the guts to grab it. And once we got it, we just need to nurture it.

See what reading books have done to me, it taught me how to think in a very positive way. I am currently teaching myself to be happy all the time. I believe that a happy person has a happy disposition. A happy disposition results to better decisions. Better decisions result to a bright future.

So come on friends, grab a book and be a happy and inspired person.

Have a nice day!!! 🙂

The Importance of Emergency Funds

I recently posted one of the use of having an emergency fund. This post will somehow dig deeper why we really need to stash away a portion of our income to build up our emergency fund.

First of all; what is an Emergency Fund? It is an account used to set aside funds to be used specifically on things which are not a usual part of our regular expenses. The purpose of this account is also to serve as a safety net in the event of personal financial crisis. The ideal emergency fund must be equivalent to three to six  months of our monthly expenses.

Building up an emergency fund is also another way to prevent us from incurring loans or debts with high interest. It must be placed in an account which should be easily accessible, such as an ATM savings account.

From my previous post, I mentioned something about the prosperity formula.  From our income, we must first subtract a portion which is to be used for savings.

Income – Savings = Expenses

Ideally, it is recommended that we set aside 20% for our savings. 30% or 40%, much better. It depends on how much we can afford to save. That 20% can be subdivided into savings, investments and emergency fund. It doesn’t really matter how much we earn, its on how much we can keep. The discipline of saving something for the rainy season must be already ingrained in our minds. The sooner we start, the better.  Let’s not wait for tomorrow to start with this habit. We must not procrastinate.

If the emergency fund was used, we need to ensure that we replenish it the soonest possible time. This is a continuous cycle. We must do this not because it is a responsibility. We must do this because this is a habit. A habit is something that we love to do repeatedly.

Happy Saving!!! 🙂

The Importance of Having Mentors

I used to do things on my own. I used to ignore advice from loved ones. I used to ignore advice from peers. Can you guess the result? I admit, most of the times, the results turned out to be disastrous.

Things were done in a haphazard manner. Decisions were made at the spur of the moment. But these are what makes us wiser as we grow older. We learn from the mistakes of the past. Maybe we are destined to make mistakes so we may know how to move forward as we journey through life.

As we move forward, we will meet someone, or we may read something, or we may have experiences which can serve as mentors for us to be able to make the appropriate decisions. A mentor acts as a check and balance because whether we admit it or not, we do not know everything. We are not perfect and we will never be. There will always be people who are better than me. As an example, people still regards Michael Jordan as the best player in basketball than LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. Maybe that’s the reason why both LeBron and Kobe looks up to Michael.

LeBron James even trained under Hakeem Olajuwon, who is one of the best centers, to improve his post moves. It turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever had. His post moves vastly improved. He is now a complete player.

When I started investing in the stock market, I went on my own. I just did it for the sake of being in the stock market. Nobody gave me directions. I had zero knowledge. Because of that, I missed out on the great opportunities. It’s not yet too late.

I joined the Truly Rich Club, founded by the well loved Bro. Bo Sanchez to somehow put my investment plans in order. The club is my online mentor as it teaches me how to properly handle money and on how to properly invest in the stock market. If the club was able to teach the maid of Bro. Bo on how to invest in the stock market, why not me. By the way, as I am writing this, one of the maid has now reached the P1M mark. It inspired me even more. I now have that burning desire to hit that mark the soonest possible time. I am sure that with the proper guidance, I can never go wrong.

Happy Reading!!! 🙂